Things to Know When Choosing The Best Jewellery Stores in Melbourne


Unless you are a millionaire, guess buying jewellery would be reserved for special occasions, right? cheap formal dresses

Shopping for jewellery may not appear arduous with myriad stores in Melbourne, instead, you might just feel spoilt for choice. But wait, if you thought that just heading to a jewellery store can get you that perfect piece of necklace or ring you have been waiting to adorn this wedding season, there could be more than just walking into a store and picking what catches your attention.

While you may easily find a store to cater to your taste and preference, there are a few basic things that you may need to consider before buying jewellery. At some of the top Jewellery stores Melboume, you can shop for your favourite ornament without worrying about the quality and make of the product. Here are some factors you must consider before buying any precious jewellery.

The source

It may not naturally occur to you but knowing the source of your precious ornaments is indispensable.

The first step would be to identify your need. There are different kinds of jewellery available in the market. From silver, white gold, yellow gold, semi-precious and precious stone-studded pieces, diamonds to platinum and a variety of other metals and more, the choice is

Once you are sure of the ornament variety you want, you can easily shortlist a few stores that can provide you with the kind of jewellery you are looking for.

The regulations for each metal or stone are different. Hence, they may come with specific certifications to verify its quality. For instance, if you plan to purchase a diamond necklace, you would have to look for certain features such as its size, carat, cut, clarity, colour etc.

When buying other gemstones like emerald or ruby, you might find that the requirement and its features vary thus demanding other kinds of validations. Also, pure white gold or platinum ornaments will emphasize their weight and carat more than anything else. Find out more on

If you are buying from shops in Melbourne, your diamond bijouterie should be certified by the following bodies such as DCLA, GSL, HRD, GIA, AGS or any other authorized bodies.  Note that any certificate from your retailer endorsing the quality of the diamond you purchase won’t be accepted universally. This means neither would you be able to know if the piece is real or fake. Moreover, it won’t bring you any resale value.

Some retailers may issue their in-house credentials and grading reports; be wary of those as these independent documents are likely to be biased and may not be regarded as authentic elsewhere.

The designer

All the stunning intricate work that you see on your jewellery has been designed by someone or an agency. While some retailers may have their in-house designers, others maybe just selling a brand.

It is always better to source a local maker who brands and sells self-crafted jewellery. This will enable you to order for customized pieces and also view the product at various stages of its making.

Top stores with local craftsmen will be able to make changes then and there. Most experienced jewellers are open to ideas shared by their customers and can tailor-make every piece on demand. Most reputable jewellers will have all their products hallmarked as necessary offering unique designs from their exclusive range.

Customer services

Your fine jewellery may need some maintenance. For instance, polishing and planting are a couple of services that your jewellery might need at once at least once a year. Buying from a jeweller with prompt customer service that’s reachable anytime is worth the investment. Is your jeweller approachable? Are the staff amicable? Now, why do we need to know that? Let’s say you want to gift your beloved a special ring as a gift for her birthday. What would you do if the size doesn’t fit? A jeweller that values their customer would readily help you out.

Even if they can’t arrange for the same design immediately on the required size, they will ask you for some time so that they can get it crafted. Alternatively, their staff would not hesitate to show you around to pick and choose from another premium design.

You can trust the top jewellers in your city to provide you with accurate information on market rates, trending designs and guide you appropriately with any advice you seek. You can expect your expert jeweller to share extra tips on choosing the right piece of ornament for specific occasions. If it is your engagement, rings that are created with fine settings make a good choice. That’s because of the features of such pieces that attribute to its density and firm wearing quality.


While you purchase at your choicest jewellery stores in town, you must ensure if they offer you a warranty on their knick-knacks. It is possible that small stones and even diamonds become loose with everyday wear and fall off. Although rare, what if you experience such a thing? Would your retailer replace it?

You can enquire for such queries at the sales service desk. Reliable jewellers don’t shy away from offering complimentary services. Be it resizing of your ring, annual checking, cleaning or polishing, with reputable jewellers you won’t have to run around for such services.


Just like any other trade, experience counts. Jewellers who’ve been in the business for years are likely to have more knowledge about the market, the competition, customer preferences, etc. Moreover, they wouldn’t compromise on the quality at any cost.

Most licensed jewellers are equipped with specific apparatus that can measure the weight, detect the clarity etc. of the jewellery they sell. Trustworthy retailers will insist you to check the specifications of your ornament pieces before your pay for them.

Finding a state-of-the-art jewellery store may not be a challenge in Melbourne, but if you are scouting for a wide variety to select from, you can opt for a store that features a rich catalogue comprising traditional and modern jewellery designs. long sleeve formal dresses australia


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