London DE: Bespoke jewels from start to finish

 Choosing an engagement ring is as much an emotional investment as it is financial. With this in mind, there is no better option than to go bespoke. Custom-designed pieces are increasing in popularity with consumers valuing a handmade approach to one-of-a-kind jewellery. With the help of specialist craftsmen, you can take pride in the fact that you have contributed to a creation that no-one else has. formal dresses for women

As high-quality jewellery can last a lifetime, here’s how we ensure that London DE s bespoke service doesn’t disappoint.

1. Begin Online

Fundamental to the success of a bespoke creation is the relationship between client and consultant, with clear communication and trust at its core. As 80% of jewellery purchases begin online, London DE offers a hybrid service which combines the ease of online shopping with personable interaction. Begin your journey on our website where you can find a selection of bespoke ideas to inspire your creation.

You can also browse through the variety of loose gems and diamonds, available in a selection of colours, which you can choose to be set within your ring. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then you can easily request the cut and carat of the stone you desire and we will source it for you directly from our suppliers.

2. In-Store Consultation

Once you have checked out your basket we will invite you into our Hatton Garden-based store for a face-to-face consultation. Our friendly and highly trained consultants will discuss your design with you. Using their expertise, they will help guide your vision in order to make it the best it can possibly be. No idea is too small or too large for us to handle; whether you have just a starting concept or a detailed vision, we can work with you to achieve it. Even after your creation is finished, we will continue to provide an excellent level of aftercare.

Whilst we encourage you to visit the store in person, we understand that this might not be possible for everyone which is why our consultations are individually tailored to fit each client. By utilising a range of communication technology, we can still successfully connect with you. You will even be able to visualise your engagement ring in 3D as we will send you CAD (Computer-Aided Design) models to ensure everything is perfect before we proceed.

3. Selecting the Right Gems

Perhaps even more important than an engagement ring’s design is the jewel chosen to take centre stage. A gemstone with a scintillating sparkle can be a real talking point but a poor-quality jewel will have a negative impact on the ring’s overall appearance. As winners of UK Entenorise Awards’ “Best Diamonds & Emeralds Supplier 2018”, you won’t have to worry about the quality of London DE’s gems.

All our stones have been certified by at least one of the world’s leading gemological laboratories. This includes The GLA (Gemmological Institute of America), SSEF (Swiss Foundation for Gemstone Research) and CDTEC who are at the forefront in the assessment, tradition and authenticity of Colombian gems. These bodies guarantee that the quality and provenance of our gemstones achieve the highest specifications.

With the popularity of coloured stones growing in the last few years, and expected to increase tenfold within the next decade, London DE encourages you to look beyond the white diamond and go for colour instead. Along with specialising in emeralds, we have access to one of the world’s largest inventories of certified diamonds and naturally coloured stones. With over 400,000 to choose from, we will always be able to find what you are looking for.

4. The Two T’s

Each engagement ring holds its own story but that shouldn’t just be limited to the design. With a supply chain founded on transparency and traceability, London DE allows you to trace the story of your gemstone right back to its mining origins.

Our jewellers are experts in the ethical sourcing of gemstones and pride themselves in their understanding of the production process; from the mines all the way to the consumer. We believe that a hands-on approach is best in order to ensure we provide the finest quality gems. We frequently fly out to Colombia, and other leading gemstone regions, to see first-hand the mining and distribution process. From this, we are able to personally check the quality of gemstones and ensure we are buying from ethical distributors, as locally as possible. Our approach contributes to the development of the blockchain which strengthens the traceability and transparency of diamonds through a reduction of how many hands the stones are passed through. long sleeve formal dresses

5 Quality Craftsmanship

Once everything has been chosen and you’re happy with the design then it will go to the final and most exciting stage; the creation process. You can be rest assured that your vision is in the hands of master craftsmen as London DE personally selects only the best workshops in Hatton Garden to make your creation. Each piece is expertly finished by hand providing it with individuality.  Indicative of our authenticity, we have been granted the Created the UK accreditation by The National Association of jewellers NAJ The scheme was specifically designed to provide customers with “absolute confidence” in the provenance of their handmade jewellery. This mark can be stamped next to our ‘LDE’ hallmark, recognised by The Goldsmiths’​ Company London Assay Office.
London DE also has a choice of ready-to-wear jewels that have been created through the same high-quality process as with our bespoke pieces.


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