Silver Moose Arts – Creative Jewellery for all kinds of people

Silver Moose Arts truly does have something to touch the heart of any jewellery lover! Ranging from everyday wear, simple and elegant, cute and crazies and glamorous beauties, but also have captured a magical, whimsical appeal in many of their designs. Offering pieces that are diverse and yet so simple, that, from a customer’s perspective, it could feel as though an item of choice had been made solely for them. This companies captivating range is guaranteed to appeal to a multitude of personalities.

Being a lover of jewellery myself, and spending much of my time writing about beautiful designs, i have to say, on this occasion, I am having to use serious willpower not to spend all my wages on their jewellery!

The brains and beauty behind this company, Amanda Reimer, began making jewellery in spring 2013 and by the October of that year, her determination and ambition meant that she had achieved a huge milestone and opened her own shop on Etsy. Being largely self lead, with the support of her cousin Amber(who models the jewellery) and her loving husband Keith (helping to prepare orders etc), Amanda embraced his suggestion to embark on an exciting new journey into the jewellery business. Due largely to her understandable obsession to buy it!

Much of Amanda’s inspiration comes from her appreciation for simplicity and geometry but also having a passion for creating things that people can relate to – such as, a favourite animal or more symbolic items. She expresses her love for making necklaces with the beautiful sentiment of creating a piece that will be worn, kept close to someone’s heart, like an every day, never to take off an item that holds meaning. Amanda also enjoys designing fashion items, made subtly for that glamorous look without being tacky.

Below is one of Amanda’s favourite designs.

Silver moose Arts also offers a bespoke service that is gradually increasing in popularity. She enjoys the challenge this allows in producing another’s vision, pushing her to be more diverse in her designs and make something that may aesthetically please someone else and not just what comes from her own heart. Having a passion for timeless things means Amanda uses quality material that will last and she will often upcycle vintage components to maximise uniqueness.

Silver Moose jewellery is available through their Facebook page and Etsy (see links below), where you can purchase a range of items, made mainly from sterling silver, gold vermeil and gemstone necklaces, earrings ,studs, natural and sterling silver stone bracelets. All items are nickel free and handmade with love. You may also view their items via twitter and Instagram.

Prices range from £18-£95, higher priced pieces being the more complex vintage designs. semi formal dress

Amanda aspires to make beautiful things that are everyday wearable and with a touch of glamour. Quoting, “I am proud of everything I make, and endeavour to design what I myself would wear and what I think my customers will love”. I highly recommend any jewellery fanatics to browse the links below. You will not be disappointed!!


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