Kitsch Kreations – unique resin jewellery

‘Kitsch kreations’ designs are intriguingly distinct and ooze whimsical appeal. To use the word ‘unique’ would be an understatement!
Each piece has been lovingly handmade, influenced by an eclectic mix of vintage and retro themes. With a twist of modern art the designer has creatively blended both contemporary and kitsch designs, resulting in a range of fashionable and appealing jewellery.
Kitsch Kreations was brought to life in 2009 when designer Joy Stevenson opened her first Jewellery website after choosing to embark on an exciting new journey. Embracing her passion, heart, and dedication to fulfil her dream of becoming an established, exclusive jewellery designer. She took a huge leap of faith, leaving her full time job to start a career from home, making jewellery to sell online.
As with any new venture, Joy has experienced ups and downs along the way. Through sheer determination her skills have been self taught, and the influence behind her products drawn from the heart. Taking inspiration from her surroundings, having set up a studio in her childhood home, filled with memory’s, toys, books, posters, retro video games, old movies, music and various iconic memorabilia, this had a huge impact on her jewellery design. Joy began experimenting with making moulds and now uses resin (since having remembered using resin for a DT project at school), for casting which has allowed the creation some magical pieces.

As well as making and selling her own jewellery, she began working for Sue Ryder (a vintage and retro charity shop). She was given the opportunity to take part in an up-cycling fashion project which involved taking donated clothes, drawing up designs for them and sending them to a prison to be made into beautiful bespoke garments. This led Joy to consider starting a charity project mixing her two careers with the idea to up-cycle old donated jewellery into something new, creative and truly unique. These experiences have given Joy the much needed boost to enhance her love for fashion and design. She began to develop her taste and branch out into new ideas such as the introduction of nautical themed designs, as shown below. semi formal dresses australia

By using low budget, long lasting materials, Joy has succeeded in making her jewellery affordable and offers designs that would capture the eye of all bespoke jewellery lovers, even playful designs that would appeal to children. It’s easy to forget that beauty and uniqueness does not mean expensive but in fact something that reflects ones personality, says something about you and only you. Joy emphasises that ” Material isn’t what makes jewellery special, it’s all about design and reaching people on a personal level”.