Discover the Luxury of Amber Jewellery with Baltic Beauty

Baltic Beauty is an exclusive online jewellery store, offering a range of elegant baltic amber and sterling silver jewellery, handmade and crafted with exquisite detail. Launching in 2014 with a small Etsy boutique, founders Sally-Ann Dunn & Bartosz Wozniak have grown Baltic Beauty into an established brand online. With a proud polish heritage, Bartosz introduced British born Sally-Ann to the beauty of Baltic Amber on a weekend vacation to the Baltic Sea, and since then, Baltic Beauty has sold its pieces all around the globe.
“Inspirations behind our designs are deeply rooted in the beauty of nature. You’ll often find the sterling silver elements mimic the sea’s waves, or parallel a tree’s colonising vines” mentions Sally-Ann going onto explain that “Every aspect of the natural world offers an authentic reference for a Baltic Beauty creation. From exuberant to austere, Baltic Beauty jewellery explores a balance between cutting edge audacious and timelessly elegant, ticking all the boxes for fine jewellery, craftsmanship and design.”
Baltic Beauty’s amber jewellery collections span the opportunities for style and trends from simple more minimal designs to intricate detailed creations. “We are proud to be breathing new life into the designs and trends of amber jewellery offering a unique and unexplored avenue of accessorising amber for the modern woman.” exclaims Sally-Ann.

“Our desire to strive towards a new age of timeless jewellery, underpins the very identity of our brand” mentions Sally-Ann whilst explaining that “We encourage that accessories need not just be an embellishment, but an extension of your personality and kind. It is our belief that a jewellery piece bears no expiry, but offers a lifetime of enjoyment, captivation and meaning.”
Every Baltic Beauty harbours a unique story, whether in its design, or in the history of the stone itself, there is hidden meaning behind every piece. This is the exclusive beauty of Baltic Amber, with each stone you own a physical piece of history and time, as nature’s very own time-capsule.  cheap formal dresses