Buying engagement rings online.

Finding the right engagement ring for a loved one is an exciting time in a couples relationship. The diamond and ring ShapeSizeColour and Cost has probably already been talked about and agreed. Now all that’s left to do is actually seek out the ring to slip on the awaiting future brides finger.
Does the gentleman now go out and seek a ring in a local shop? Or does he use alternative methods such as the Internet?
The choice is really up to the buyer, but the cost advantages of an online engagement ring purchase can out-way buying one in a retail store. Getting more wow factor for your hard earned income is top of the agenda for many savvy buyers.
Why is it cheaper online“?
Next time your out shopping and standing in a jewellery store, think about all that stores overheads. These include:
  • Rent
  • Utility and domestic bills
  • Staff Wages
  • Insurances and security
  • Sales
  • Commissions
  • Local and National Advertising
All these costs need to be added to the jewellery item to make the business profitable. If your buying online these costs can be reduced somewhat if the business is smaller and leaner.

Online Company Positioning

There are many online jewellery websites now fighting for position in the search engine results. Spending thousands of pounds per month on SEO experts, outbound links, inbound links and hoping Ad-Words will be the Saviour of a struggling online presence, This now points towards increasing profit margins and customer traffic capture. However the question many resellers are asking is…
Does this encourage the purchaser to make that ultimate decision and buy“?
In very few cases may be, but statistics show that good imagery, photography and new products such as interactive jewellery animation has pushed forward the drive in online Jewellery e-commerce shops. The ability to see the ring in full, rotate it, and view it larger than life on your screen provides a level of confidence to make an emotional purchase.

Jewellery photography at its best.

Perfectly captured jewellery photography captivates the design, engineering, clarity and delicate lines of a ring and diamond. An image will tell the story the buyer wants to see. If the visualisation experience captures the customers taste this will evoke a decision to make a purchase. If however the imagery or visual representation is blurry, too small, has no detail and is restricted by a few angles taken in a photography shoot. The buyer is more likely not to make a purchase.
If a Jewellery Company is spending high volumes of money on a representation of one the most powerful emotions we call love, why would you purchase something that does not reflect this before the purchase?
With this knowledge in hand Jewellery photography has reached out to a new technology which, has taken years to perfect. Photography studios, correct lighting and costly photographers have now become the past as the digital world takes over to redefines the purchasers needs.
Capturing a buyers imagination is key in the world of online e-commerce jewellery shops. Let the imagery and jewellery animations do the talking and make up the mind of the purchaser. We guarantee the closer you are to perfect beautiful results, the more sales you will see within your next month of business trade. A happy customer will spread a moment of joy rather than a few minutes of forgetful information.
Only one company in the world offer such a redefined service that will showcase jewellery products to impulsively move the buyer from concern into buying mode.


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