Seeds for Bees

My Nelson studio maybe small but I love the sunny location and the fact that it’s surrounded by a beautiful cottage garden. With this comes many bees that love to feed on the lavender outside our window. After many were coming inside thirsty, exhausted and dying, I felt compelled to find out more about bees and their current plight on the planet.
I created a keepsake piece of jewellery that not only pays homage to the humble honey bee, but reminds people that the small things are sometimes the most important – especially when it comes to protecting and conserving our environment.
The original model was hand carved from bees wax and cast in sterling silver or bronze which is then plated in 22k gold. The honey bees “dancing bottom” became a beautiful high grade freshwater pearl.

I have also developed the necklace to come with a special package of Wild Forage wildflower seeds.
Beekeeper Maureen Conquer of Wild Forage has created this unique bend of seeds especially for attracting and cultivating bees in your garden, school or workplace. All proceeds from the seeds go to the National Bee Keepers Association of NZ.
Research tells us that planting organic bee friendly plants is the best way we can support bee survival. My hope is that people will join the global revolution to provide a more bee friendly world!