Hatton Garden Bespoke Diamond Jewellery Workshop

Hatton Garden Bespoke Diamond Jewellery Workshop is a company based in London which produces exquisite, unique jewellery, that would without a doubt, take pride of place in any girls collection!
Having seen a wide range of beautiful jewellery from various companies, if anyone out there is looking for the perfect ring that is likely to guarantee a resounding ‘YES‘, give this guy a call!
HG (as his clients know him for confidential reasons) has worked incredibly hard to get where he is today, gaining many years experience along the way and has resulted in a passionate desire to reach people on a personal level through his jewellery. He is driven by the sheer joy of creating something that ignites a person and ultimately finds it beautifully captivating to be a part of creating something that brings two people together, while being proud in the knowledge it will forever be treasured. Working extremely closely with each client, helping them to design a piece that comes from within and will ultimately melt any woman’s heart when she lays eyes upon it.
The style of jewellery that one is drawn to is purely down to individual taste. Each piece we wear says something about us and our personality. We are all unique and that’s the beauty of Bespoke jewellery as it can be unique to you, completely and infinitely a part of you! No one else.
Having finished secondary school, being told he had limited options career wise, decided to follow his heart venturing in a new direction to art college in Sussex (Worthing) studying general art, covering a variety of art forms but predominantly, and key to his future career ‘working with his hands’.

During his time at art college he met a staff member with a background specialising in the jewellery industry. Having spotted HG’s potential, he could see in him the skills that lie in the precision of jewellery making. HG embraced this mans advice and guidance and attended Rochester university in Kent, embarking on a course specifically about jewellery and the art of jewellery making. Going on to win awards for his work, HG was given a work experience placement through the university for a company in Hatton Garden, London. His potential was noticed by this company and that he would be an asset to their business so he continued working part time in an apprenticeship for several years. Unfortunately as work dried up HG had to leave this job and, in January 2012 made a life changing decision, safe in the knowledge he had the skills he needed to build his own dream.
Despite having no money or potential customers, took the risk, borrowed the money and rented a workshop of his own in Hatton Garden, opening a whole new exciting world of adventure. Fortunately clients from his previous job began asking why the work had gone down hill from his original work place. When explained that he had left and was running his own unique workshop, he found many clients loyally followed.
Although not his ideal position, HG’s clients were trade based, thus largely disadvantaged due to the fact that trades provide their own products. This meaning he was unable to put any profit on the actual metal or stones and had no choice but to work extremely long hours in order to earn enough to be able to plough some of it back into his own business.
In his second year of business HG was able to begin to supply some of his own metals thus was able to add profit. By the third year he was also sourcing some of his own stones-again further profit. This being the first time in two decades where no one else would reap the profits from his hard work. It was the point of his work where every part of each piece was supplied by his own sources. Finally! No more middle men!!
As business began to pick up he took the giant leap into social media and in April 2014 released the Facebook page ‘Hatton Garden Bespoke Diamond Jewellery Workshop’, showing himself, or rather, exposing his talents to the world! This was inspired by the sheer frustration of being ‘backstage’ so to speak to all the trade clients that he was creating exceptionally beautiful pieces for and had poured his heart into but yet remained invisible to ‘the people’. This also potentially was significantly limiting to his earnings as the real people who were prospective clients, knew nothing of him! Gradually as his fan base grew from the general public and he became a person in his own right he was able to minimise the amount of trade work and connect with individuals, working with them on a personal level, helping them with his expert knowledge to design what would be a masterpiece produced solely for one person. When asked what his main aspirations were for the future he expressed, “to move completely away from the trade world, I want my work to be something people aspire to having. My relationship with my clients is so important to me. If we become friends throughout the working process of creating their piece, it makes my job so much easier to invest my heart in as an artist”. This being far from the case with trade work. Having made an extremely high profile piece such as that of Peter Andrés fiancés engagement ring and having no mention as being remotely involved, gives you an idea of the harsh reality that jewellers like HG (the real people behind the creations) have to suffer, and as you can imagine could seriously dampen ones motivation!

HG treats his customers with total respect, and although he has to make a living. He has a very caring and fair nature and reassuringly added “I’m not about the money, rather making sure that what finances each client/friend or patron has is wisely invested”
When asked what piece he was most proud of, he answered on (an emotional level) it was a ring that he made for a charity called ‘The Little Princess Trust’, which provides real hair wigs to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have sadly lost their own hair through cancer treatment, a charity that runs solely on the efforts of community fundraisers. HG, at the time had very long hair and had had it all cut off, unaware that this charity existed until he was told by a friend at a later date. Feeling bad that he had not donated his hair, decided to raise some money to help and created a platinum ring with diamonds and holding a yellow stone sapphire, which he then through Facebook encouraged people to bid for. The ring went to the highest bidder and managed a magnificent donation of £1000 pounds for HG to award to The Little Princess Trust!

There are millions of jewellery shops on our doorsteps and many with very low prices, so if your looking for a standard, fairly cheap, mass produced piece of jewellery for that special person in your life, pop into your local jewellery shop! Alternatively take a trip or get on the Facebook page for Hatton Gardens Bespoke Diamond Jewellery Workshop and be guaranteed a piece that holds unquestionable beauty, the uniqueness that all women desire and the magic and passion that was poured into creating your own personal piece designed especially for you!!  formal dresses nz