Chanel’s New High Jewelry Collection Inspired By Russia’s Empire

“Le Paris Russe de Chanel” is the Chanel’s latest exclusive high jewelry collection that was inspired by Russia’s Imperial Past and quotes fashion on the imperial exotic a-la russe of the early twentieth century.
Exposed at the Grand Palais during the Paris Haute Couture Shows in 2019 July, each fine craftsmanship piece of this jewelry collection by this high-end brand is a master class in symbolism and artistic technique. Having the design inspiration in the Russia Empire, among the 63 luxury jewels – marvelous necklaces and earrings in delicate diamonds and pearls – some of these Chanel’s most remarkable pieces with a unique design have yellow diamonds that represent the sun in bold.

During 1920 in Paris, Coco Chanel found herself captivated with the Russian cultural elite and nobility, she met the Prince Dmitry Romanov and the perfumer Ernest Bo: after that, she created the famous Chanel No.5Chanel’s fascination with Russia endured throughout her life, and today it’s the impetus for the luxury brand’s new high jewelry collection – Le Paris Russe de Chanel.

This contemporary design’s high jewelry line consists of 69 precious pieces divided into 11 sets. Each of them is based on a specific Russia-related theme: embroidery, kokoshniki, folklore, Russian shirts, sundresses or imperial signs and symbols. All of the elements of the unique design are refined and delicate. The extremely recognizable two-headed eagle, royal medallions, traditional embroidery, and other Russian themes can, therefore, be appreciated by a broader range of international clients.

About this majestic collection, according to Patrice Leguéreau, who has been the director of the luxury brand’s jewelry studio for the past decade: “This isn’t trophy jewelry. It’s not about big stones; this is elegant, chic and feminine design. It tells a story.”

Rich in history and substance, this new Chanel collection inspired by Russian Imperial past is also a tribute to Coco Chanel. For these striking and beautiful, there is a perfect jewelry box – the Filigree, a craftsmanship masterpiece by Boca do Lobo, a luxury furniture brand that honors the exclusive design.
With a polished brass body finished with black lacquer and high gloss varnish covered with intricate filigree patterns, this jewelry case is suspended over four pad shaped feet. The interior features jewelry different inserts fully upholstered in opulent red velvet while the top is covered in a bevelled mirror so you can sneak peek your contemporary jewelry.


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