Engagement Ring Trends

An engagement ring is a huge decision. For this very reason it has become commonplace for the man to propose and, afterwards, take the woman ring shopping to make sure he buys the right one for her. As time has progressed, so have the distinct characteristics of the most popular engagement ring styles. Choosing the right ring means a lifetime of satisfaction wearing a beautiful adornment, whatever the situation. Listed here are some of the more popular trends that couples are choosing for either their modern or vintage feel.

Popular styles of engagement ring

The most popular styles of engagement ring has been around for quite some time. The word “solitaire” means “the one,” which is a key reason why solitaire diamonds on either yellow or white gold bands have remained so popular throughout the years. It is consistently agreed that they are both striking and timeless, and many couples choose this ring as a symbol of their devotion towards one another.

Designer engagement ring

A design that is gaining sway is the diamond cut with diamond set shoulders. The centre stone is traditionally cut square in order to achieve maximum brilliance. Because of the nature of the cut these rings are usually slightly less expensive than other styles. The diamonds set into either side of the centre stone add extra sparkle, making this choice one of the shiniest of available options.
The three stone round in either gold or platinum is consistently popular. Named either the trinity setting or “Past, Present, and Future” rings, the ring is beautiful. The centre stone is commonly slightly larger than the two on either side, but each usually has enough carat weight to draw attention by itself, making the combination of the three dazzling. Many people opt for a platinum band, making the ring perfect for a lifetime of wear.

Historically popular engagement rings

Another historically popular ring that has consistently been among the top choices is the emerald cut four claw setting. The elongated emerald diamond feels and looks vintage, which draws the attention of many onlookers. Adding mirroring emerald cut diamonds on either side, along with the setting make the ring truly shine. As with other settings, many people opt for platinum over gold in order to increase the ring’s durability.

Consider the diamond for your engagement ring

Roughly one in a thousand diamonds has a natural hue, and the rarity of this already rare stone has drawn the attention of many modern brides. Many choose a diamond with a yellow or red hue, called a “fancy diamond,” for its uniqueness. This is an elegant way to stick with the classic stone while simultaneously incorporating a chic flare.
In addition to diamonds, various other centre stones have become especially popular. Since the royal wedding of Princess Kate Middleton, many people have begun considering sapphires as an elegant choice. The deep blue colour is not only beautiful, but also draws much more attention and inquiries than most engagement options. Emeralds have been named the stone of 2013, and many people of fame throughout the world have already taken up the trend by incorporating the green gem in their proposals.    cheap formal dresses