James Allen True Hearts Collection

If you have already amassed enough money to buy a diamond, you may have heard people tell you about true heart diamonds. True heart diamonds are a variation of diamond, essentially in the way in which it is cut. The overall beauty of the diamond depends a lot on the size and the way it has been cut. When it comes to styles and cuts, true hearts are a masterpiece.
True heart diamonds are excellent for any occasion, a fan favorite when it comes to buying them for engagement rings or wedding bands. True hearts are known throughout the world for being the symbol of love,  with people around the world giving them to their partners to show their love for them. True hearts aren’t just popular for their style, color and brilliance. They are also rare which makes them really hard to find. They are rare because this particular cut of the diamond is extremely hard to pull and only seasoned gem cutters can pull this design. They also need a relatively large diamond to cut it into a true heart.
Because true hearts are so hard to pull off, not all diamond retailers keep them in their collection. You’ll be surprised to know that only a few diamond brands in the U.S actually sell true heart diamonds. Speaking of brands, if you are looking for the perfect true heart with the most affordable cost, we can’t help but recommend getting your first true heart from James Allen. James Allen is a diamond brand in the U.S which is known to have some of the finest diamonds in the country. They are also one of the largest online retailers of diamonds in the country and offer a powerful platform where you can view their collection in real time 3D photos.
The James Allen True Heart line is the speciality of the brand. One look at their true heart diamonds is enough to see that this is in fact true. But this isn’t the only advantage of buying from James Allen. As an online store, the brand can sell diamonds without adding the extra expense of sales tax on the total order in many of the states. Plus you can also acquire one of their financing plans if a certain diamond is out of your budget. And if that isn’t enough, any true heart diamond purchased from James Allen is shipped free with a 30-day refund policy.