How to Utilise Luxury Jewellery in a Formal Outfit

Jewellery, along with accessories in general, are one of the most effective and useful parts of the wardrobe; capable of turning an average and unexciting outfit into a unique and eye-catching ensemble.
This is particularly important in glamorous and affluent circles where the way that you look and the impact that you leave can have a big impact on your relationship with a given individual. With this in mind, it seemed appropriate to put together a short guide on how to utilise luxury jewellery in a way that grabs and holds the attention of those around you.
As formal events are the occasions when you are most likely to wear your expensive luxury jewellery we will be focusing on this specific attire and how a single piece of jewellery can make a huge difference to your look.
Women’s Jewellery
In general, womenswear is significantly broader than menswear not only in the field of jewellery but in most fashion related areas. With this huge range of clothing options, it becomes even more important to find the right accessory and the right piece of jewellery for your outfit.
There is a vast range of formalwear options for women and for each one, there is a different opinion the appropriate jewellery to accompany it. Therefore, we will briefly cover each of the common formal outfit choices along with the best luxury jewellery options to amplify their effectiveness.
Cocktail Dresses
Cocktail dresses are some of the most popular formal and semi-formal options, depending on where you are going and what you are doing. A staple of any women’s wardrobe cocktail dresses is limited due to their usually plain, basic colour scheme and neutral designs. This is where luxury jewellery pieces can shine.
Cocktail dresses are just informal enough to open up plenty of accessorising freedom. Rings can be used extremely freely along with stacking bracelets and bangles to create a more casual appearance. Alternatively, single, large necklace and simple, refined bracelets can adapt the cocktail dress look into a more elegant ensemble, making it perfect for a more serious occasion. Furthermore, you can utilise these items to add a little colour into your outfit or alternatively, bring out the colours which are already present. Combined with a complementary set of shoes, luxury jewellery can help adapt a cocktail dress for almost any formal occasion from working in the office to attending an award ceremony.
Evening and Ball Gowns
Evening and ball gowns are much less commonly worn, which is why many find it difficult to know what jewellery they should wear to accompany them. Almost exclusively pulled out for black and white tie formal occasions, ball gowns are meant to be the epitome of the women’s wardrobe and using luxury jewellery, you can ensure that your look leaves an impact with those around you.
Ball gowns are about elegance, meaning that the accessories accompanying them should be the same. Simplicity is key with minimal rings, simple necklaces and few bracelets to create a minimalistic but refined appearance. Utilising diamond jewellery and small hanging earring is particularly effective at these occasions.
Business Suits
Finally, we have business suits. Business suits are a much simpler affair as they don’t leave much room for jewellery items to accompany them, particularly because they leave the majority of the body covered.
In general, it’s advisable to keep your neck free from adornment and focus your jewellery efforts on the addition of rings, earrings or watches if you would like any at all. As business suits tend to be neutral in colour, there can be a temptation to add a splash of vibrancy through your jewellery choices but try to avoid this. Stick to silver and white to maintain the seriousness that business suits suggest.
Men’s Jewellery
In contrast to women’s formalwear, male options are significantly more limited. For almost all formal occasions, men wear suits. This means that the only real angle for personalising and adding something special to your outfit is through accessories.
To this end, luxury men’s jewellery designers tend to create wildly varying jewellery ranges, often with a novelty finish to create more character-defining items. When wearing a suit, the primary accessory and jewellery options available to men are watches, rings, lapel pins and tie bars, all of which come in a range of shapes and sizes.
It’s always advisable to avoid garish, eye-catching colours for more formal occasions like black tie events. Save the statement pieces for slightly more casual affairs like the workplace.   semiformaldresses
Though this guide was brief, we hope it has helped you get a better idea of how to utilise luxury jewellery with your formal outfit. Always be sure to investigate a range of options before making your final decision because the perfect piece of jewellery should be adaptable, versatile and attention-grabbing. Research is always key.