Crowning Glory

Although not every girls choice, and perhaps considered by some as a fading trend in wedding attire, Tiaras are far from being a dying adornment, as they continue to inspire jewellers and are increasingly recognised to remain one of the most flattering and versatile forms of wedding jewellery. Celebrities and royals such as Kate Middleton wearing a tiara at her own wedding has massively influenced many a brides desire to wear a tiara.
Tiaras often appeal to the more traditional bride. Although modern day would suggest many brides should go for a far more simplistic approach to their overall wedding accessories, perhaps so as not to take attention away from the dazzling beautiful white dress. Designers are exploring new trends when it comes to the more old fashioned tiara, creating various bridal hair accessories that aren’t actual tiaras. Such as hair bands, headpieces, broaches, clips, and flower garlands.
Wearing jewelled headdresses was well established by the end of the 15th century. Prior to this tiaras were seen as exclusive to royal and upper class brides. As times changed this became a thing of the past and tiaras were simply a symbol of the joy of marriage. Women today will often opt for a tiara when considering accessories for the big day, as a women’s wedding day is perhaps the only occasion that she can experience dressing like a princess and be happy in the knowledge that she would not be judged or thought to be pretentious.
Choosing a tiara is a very personal choice, although wedding jewellery designers would suggest opting for a style that will not only compliment your dress, for example a very intricate design for a dress would be well balanced with a more simple tiara and vice versa, a simple dress may benefit from a more complex extravagant one. It is also advisable to contemplate a style that will frame your face, enhancing your overall look. For example if you have an oval shaped face, you may be advised to avoid styles with a peak at the centre so as not to create the appearance of a longer face. A round face can on the other hand suit a tiara with more height or a peak to lengthen the face. Heart shaped faces preferably opt for a v-shaped peak tiara so the face will appear longer also. Lastly a long face, wearing a tiara with little, or no height would be more ideal.
It is also suggested that one should consider their hair colour when choosing a design. Ideas such as dark hair is perhaps complimented by Ivory fresh water pearls and vintage inspired designs. Women with blond hair can create a very effective look opting for gold as silver can look harsh against blond hair, alternatively, go for silver with lots of sparkle. Brunettes look amazing in sparkly diamanté style pieces. A red headed women can look stunning wearing a tiara accentuated with champagne coloured crystals Рcreating a warm glow and a soft natural look.
Tiaras can vary hugely in price, some setting you back a small fortune depending on its uniqueness, the complexity of the design, the metal it’s made of and whether it is dazzling with diamonds or other precious stones. There is however always the option to sell it on after your big day but for obvious reasons such as sentimental value, a bride may treasure it as a keepsake from her magical day.
Wearing a tiara if chosen carefully can turn a bride into a princess for the day. There is vast range of tiaras on the market and many unique designs. So if you fancy wearing one, your unlikely to struggle to find something that you’ll fall in love with or that makes a statement about you and your personality.

To dazzle, even the darkest of winter days, a tiara can add that extra touch of class and sparkle and with the right choice for you can enhance your whole look, bringing that memorable enchantment to your fairytale wedding!


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