bridesmaid proposals that are totally Instagrammable

Who doesn’t want their wedding to be perfect? The build-up is all part of the fun and while trying on dresses and browsing rings from Diamonds Factory is sure to put a smile on your face – there’s also the bridal party to consider. Asking someone to be part of your big day is a huge deal and if you want to do it in style, here are 5 bridesmaid proposals that are totally Instagrammable.

1. Buy your bridesmaid-to- be cake
Imagine. You’re out for afternoon tea with your best friend. You take her somewhere where you now she can’t resist the chocolate cake. After placing your order, you sneakily pass by the kitchen and ask the chef to write ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ in chocolate sauce on the side of her plate. Her reaction is priceless and within seconds, the two of you are all over Instagram posing in front of the most delicious dessert in the entire city. Perfect.

2. Invest in bridesmaid proposal t-shirts
If you’re home alone one night, invite your best friend around for a girly evening. Pour them a glass of wine, put on one of the best chick flicks you own and crack open the nibbles. When everyone is relaxed and the banter is in full flow, suddenly disappear and come back with a bag full of gift wrapped t-shirts each reading ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ Give one to each of the girls and watch their reactions. If they accept, whip off your jumper to reveal your own t-shirt which should read something like ‘stay calm, they said yes.’ Celebrate by posting all your snaps to social media.

3. Give your bridesmaids a customised jigsaw
If the love of your life has just popped the question, you may want to shout the news from the rooftop. While phoning your loved ones is a natural reaction, why not build suspense by sending a hidden message on a customised jigsaw? Make sure the parts are completely broken apart and have your chosen girls work for the news that they will soon be slipping into glamorous bridesmaid frocks.

4. Hide a message on the back of a photograph
When it comes to bridesmaid proposals, it’s great to be as innovative and inventive as possible. This is a big moment in your lives, so how about presenting your special few with a beautiful photograph of the two of you together. They’ll think that’s sweet but when you ask them to open the frame and look at the back of the picture… they won’t believe what’s written on the back.

5. Pop a personalised label on her favourite bottle
Is she a prosecco fanatic? Perhaps she goes mad from white wine? Whatever the case, buy her favourite bottle and pop a personalised label on the front asking if she’ll be your bridesmaid – but don’t tell her what you’ve done. Instead, pour your drinks as usual and see how long it takes her to realise that you’re trying to tell her something.

Bridesmaid proposals are one of the latest wedding trends, so go ahead and pop the question in an elaborate way.