The Grooms to do list: 9 fantastic tips.

Planning a wedding is a big thing these days. Plenty of time and energy from both the groom and the bride to be will need to be considered. So, what can the groom do to help? Here is a little list to help you on your way.
1) Take at least one day off from talking and thinking about the wedding.
Plan a romantic day off with your fiancee. This will help you both stop thinking about the wedding. Have a lazy day in, or maybe an exciting activity day out and away from all the fuss and stress created over the big day.
2) Pick a few tasks you want to be involved in.
Design the menu, select the food, talk to the photographer, phone the DJ for the reception party. Get involved men, try and make out your at least doing something constructive. Your girl has got a lot of juggling to do, so lets try and reduce the chances of her turning into bridezilla. Getting involved in the planning stages of the wedding can be entertaining for you. This will make you feel excited about the actual day and will mean more to you on a personal level because you made a real effort overall.
3) Get that Tux or suit sorted out so you feel and look great.
Getting the perfect Tux or suit is important, not just for the bride to be’s sake, but for you as well. Do you want to be the most handsome man in the room? Well, it’s worth a try.
4) Sorting out the best man.
Your best man will keep you calm, try to keep everything under control and be on the ball, to make sure you both have a great day. A best man is ultimately your best friend that you trust to make sure everything goes smoothly. The man that you choose will be willing to help deal with different situations, give you advice and be there for you when you need him.
5) Gifts for the groomsmen.
Since the best man and groomsmen are going to make sure you look your best and help out with the events of the day. It could be a nice gesture to give them each a small gift to say thank you.
6) Plan or write the big toast (speech).
Knowing what you are going to say in front of all your friends and family, can be very important. Rehearsing your speech is good, but don’t forget to make it sound as natural as possible. Everyone gets nervous, however, if you keep practising before the actual speech, the nerves won’t win the better of you because you know exactly what to say.
7) learn some saucy dance moves.
This could be more for your benefit, especially if you’re not the best of dancers. As part of your wedding budget consider having some dance lesson. It might be a good idea to get you both involved. Start that first dance off looking amazing.
8) Plan your honeymoon.
Planning the honeymoon is the best part, because you can have a say on picking some awesome destinations. If it’s sunshine, sporting or winter holidays for you, make sure it puts a smile on both your faces. This moment will last for ever.
9) Last of all Enjoy your day with your bride.
A great idea might be to give your bride a sneaky little gift throughout the day. What ever it is you decide on giving her, we are sure she will have a smile on her face for the rest of the day.