Do you own a fake diamond? know the truth about your ring.

Have you ever questioned the authenticity of the diamonds set within your precious jewellery item?
Now we dont claim to be Diamond experts or valuers but we are amazed at how seemingly ‘simple’ it appears, to check if a diamond is fake. We found this video on Youtube that outlines 8 very simple tests which can be completed at home to check the authenticity of your diamonds. We don’t want to sound skeptical but some of them do seem a bit elementary and we can already hear the clattering of Diamond experts as they down tools and vent their frustrations, but this information is on-line and does exist.
Please watch the video or read the outline of each step below and let us know your thoughts. Can we take this seriously?is there any truth to these home tests? So while you go dig out your diamond rings that Auntie Pat left you in her Will, please note the information below is a guide only and should be taken with caution. If you are in any doubt about the authenticity of diamonds you have bought or been given please seek the opinion of a professional valuer or Jeweller. We warned you!!

1). The newspaper test. 
Place your diamond on a newspaper. If you can read the writing through the diamond then you possibly have a glass or quartz diamond. Real diamonds have a high refractive index, they will bend light making it very difficult to see through them. If your in doubt then please take your diamond to a local jeweller.
2). The fog test.
A diamond is very good at dispersing heat. If you hold the diamond up to your mouth and use the fog method like you would when cleaning a mirror, a diamond should evaporate the fog instantly. If the fog stays on the diamond for more than 3-4 second then you may be holding a fake diamond.
3). The weighing test.
Using a carat or gram scale you can check the weight of your diamond. Fake diamonds will normally weigh 50 – 60% heavier than an authentic diamond of the same size.
4). The rainbow test.
If you look closely at a diamonds sparkle, you should see beautiful shades of Grey reflections. If you see many rainbow reflections, you either have a very low quality diamond or a fake.
5). The UV test.
If you have a UV or Black light to hand then you might want to try this simple test. Place the diamond under the light in a dark room. If the diamond is real it should show a blue fluorescent glow. The absence of blue, however, does not mean it is fake, it could simply be a higher quality diamond. If you see a very slight Green, Yellow, or Grey fluorescence under ultraviolet light, it could possibly be a fake.