From the designer known for her bunnies and bows, Mimi So expands her youthful sense of whimsy with the new Wonderland Woodland Collection. Creating her ideal enchanted forest, gem-set ladybugs, birds, butterflies and bees flit on golden twigs in the form of bangles, earrings and rings. The magic really comes to life when the stackable bangles and rings are worn together, creating a miniature nature scene on the wrist and finger.

Stacking the Wonderland Woodland rings means endless ways to create your own wearable enchanted forest!

Stud earrings feature the same set of itty bitty critters that can be mixed and mismatched, a popular trend in jewelry this year. My favorite combination is to pair a bee earring with a stinger stud.

Mixing the Wonderland Woodland earrings, my favorite combination!

Long necklaces strung with colorful gemstone beads and golden woodland creatures can be wrapped and layered for a colorfully casual look.

 Wonderland Handcrafted Large African Tanzanite Bead Necklace with Pave Grey Diamond Butterflies and Pave Black Diamond Bees 18K Yellow Gold

For its numerous pieces with accessible price points, stackable versatility and intermixing aspect, Mimi So’s Wonderland Woodland Collection hits on all cylinders for current jewelry trends while at the same time maintaining a fresh and whimsical spirit that transcends time. Endless combinations to mix these beautiful, nature-inspired jewels translate into an infinitely fun way to wear this collection!