20 signs that you’re addicted to jewellery

1) You love the big brands.

2) The price tag does not matter.

3) Your search history is packed with jewellery related pages.

4) You only buy a particular precious metal.

5) Your jewellery item is designed to make you become a collectable.

6) You have a realisation that fashion jewellery means you are in control.

7) You love hand made jewellery.

8) You’re thinking about taking up a jewellery course.

9) You can’t go out any where without at least one item of jewellery on.

10) You dress to match your jewellery items.

11) You enjoy buying accessory jewellery.

12) Your jewellery has real sentimental value.

13) Your jewellery makes you feel.

14) You’re attracted to clothing and shoes with gem stones used as part of the design.

15) When you’re out shopping you find yourself in a jewellery outlet and you don’t even know how you got there.

16) You have more than 5 jewellery boxes and a dresser draw full of jewellery.

17) You start giving jewellery away to friends and family.

18) Friends borrow all your jewellery.

19) You always receive compliments from strangers about your jewellery.

20) You’re inspired by the historical and evolution time line of jewellery.