Kovert Designs is one company in the tech jewelry space that stands out because it is taking a different approach to the mashup. It has created a collection of high-end wearable tech jewelry, but with the mission of fighting technological distractions and reconnecting with the physical world.
Kovert’s goals are to reduce noise and allow people to focus, while still creating something that women actually want to wear. Using cutting edge micro-electronics, the company has baked high technology into designer rings, necklaces and bracelets. Each piece contains an ALTRUIS stone that contains an electronic circuit board, rechargeable battery, vibration motor, sensors and Bluetooth Smart so that the stone can wirelessly connect to smartphones.
We strive to make technology less obtrusive and more invisible, challenging you to reset the balance between digital and physical and remember how to live in the moment”.
The idea is that instead of being bombarded by push notifications on their phones, wearers can receive subtle vibrations from the services that matter to them. They can fully customize what they want to be notified amount and at what times.