What do Madonna and Demi Moore have in common?

When they looked for jewelry that was not only beautiful, but had a deeper purpose, they turned to Rachel Brown’s unique creations.

Rachel Bround is the founder of the ultimate beauty in the wisdom of Kabbalah: Rachel Brown Jewelry.

When I first started studying, I was so taken by the information. It clicked on a deep level, my world shifted. I began to use kabbalistic meditations in my life” she says.
Put most simply, through study and meditation, Kabbalah helps people see how they can live without chaos and provides a roadmap to the spiritual laws of the universe. “It shows that there’s a way to tap into the world beyond the five senses and what we can see,” says Brown. “Kabbalah guides those to enter a realm of peace, happiness, abundance and a feeling of well-being.”

Brown began to envision combining her two great passions – jewelry and the study of Kabbalah. She longed to create pieces that had a breathtaking aesthetic appeal but also possessed an inner beauty and richness. The letters engraved on the pieces would connect to a spiritual energy and draw powers from the universe. But they would also be stunning. Brown imagined beautiful designer jewelry with a purpose – where the pieces would contain astrological signs tailored to wearer, bringing them blessings, protection, health, prosperity, and miracles.

“I love that I’m able to connect the physical and spiritual world,” explains Brown. And you don’t have to study Kabbalah to enjoy the jewelry and benefit from its positive energy. “I have a special piece that is dedicated to helping someone attract a soulmate,” she offers. “There’s a certain mystery to it. But you can draw and connect with its positive energy like a magnet – whether you understand it or not.”

Brown’s jewelry has inspired and touched many souls. Madonna wears a bronze circular pendant necklace. Demi Moore adores her black leather wrap cuff engraved with the 72 Names of God. Donna Karan cherishes her specially designed bronze cuff, also engraved with the 72 Names of God, which has an ancient feel.

Furthermore, Brown’s baubles are practical. She often uses brass, copper, and semi-precious stones rather than diamonds and gold. So the exquisite pieces aren’t ridiculously expensive. Yet Brown also has an exclusive high-end collection featuring gemstones like pearls, amethysts, onyx, and rubies.