Top 15 Creative Wedding Ring Photographs

During your wedding day the photographer has many objectives & different aspects of the day they want to capture. When it comes down to photographing the wedding rings they really have a to chance to get creative with the shot!
We often see gorgeous ring photography when scanning through Pinterest and decided why not give them a bit more attention?! You can find all of the images and their credits here ♥
So this is a big virtual high 5 to all of the creative and inventive photographers out there coming up with unique ways to capture the wedding rings!
 We love this idea of using the baby of the bride & groom’s feet to show off the rings! 
 For the music lovers, placing the rings on a piano can be gorgeous 
 How about using the bride’s shoes to photograph the rings?
 Or if you just so happen to have a type writer at your wedding then placing the rings on the keys gives such a vintage look. 
 Perhaps you’d rather a photo of the rings actually on your fingers? If so, a pinky promise photography is lovely
 Most photographers like to place the ring inside the brides bouquet which can be just as gorgeous
 Or, mix it up a bit with a fun shot like using colourful straws!
 Even fruit works! 
 Ok, I rest my case with the fruit! This cherry is so perfect though! 
 If you’re a library lover then placing the rings on top of books is a great way to represent that. 
 If forest is your theme then photographing the rings against wood gives a real rustic feel
 This would also work with grass or moss
 Or even buds and leaves 
 We love the idea of including a phrase with the rings too
Or how about on the cork of your first bottle of wine as a married couple?!