The Most Popular Engagement Rings for 2015

The Most Popular Engagement Rings for 2013
The movies Notting HillWhen Harry Met SallySleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail have been some of the most popular romantic comedies in recent times. It provides a perfect setup for a man to ask the woman for her hand in marriage. To make sure that she gets swept off her feet, a diamond engagement ring should provide the perfect complement for this romantic and intimate moment.
The most common of these rings are the simple and elegant single white diamond engagement ring. These days, however, jewelers have come up with new cuts, stones, shades and settings to reflect a more modern style. Here now are the most popular engagement rings for 2013.

16. Emerald Stone Cut Engagement Ring

The emerald stone cut engagement ring provides a perfect contrast of modern style and traditional look. The stone has an elegant and classic vintage cut, while the ring’s lines sport a modern look. This ring also provides volumes in terms of bling because emerald stones usually appear bigger than other cuts that have similar carat weights.

15. Cushion Stone Cut Engagement Ring

The cushion stone cut engagement ring was extremely popular decades ago because of its brightness. The antique style has made a comeback recently, retaining its vintage look while emitting the same brilliance that it has always been known for.

14. Oval Stone Cut Engagement Ring

The oval stone cut engagement ring usually relies on a left to right setting. This solitaire look makes the ring even more stunning and interesting than the regular round cut.

13. Pear Stone Cut Engagement Ring

The pear stone cut engagement ring is a huge hit because of its different shape that speaks of sensuality. With the recent popularity of vintage designs, the pear cut has made a big comeback as its antique style is perfectly complemented by its charming feminine look. Its unique shape also allows it to look even bigger compared to other stones with similar carat weights.

12. Double Halo Setting Engagement Ring

The double halo setting engagement ring takes off from the previous year’s trend when single halo engagement rings were a big hit. This year, jewelers have doubled the fun with halo settings set in two tiers. To make it appear that there is an even larger solitaire, some jewelers actually make use of a contrasting color in the surrounding stones or metal. The effect is stunning and simply beautiful.

11. Bezel Set Engagement Ring

The bezel set engagement ring takes a modern approach in its styling and cut. It boasts of trendy clean lines that give the platinum metal where it is set more emphasis. It also ensures that the precious solitaire gem is secured properly into the ring.

10. East West Setting Engagement Ring

The east to west setting engagement ring is unique and different, making it extremely popular to those who want to stand out. Instead of the usual setting, the stone is placed horizontally on the ring, thus providing an eye-catching and even flamboyant look. The stones used are usually oval, emerald or the marquise kind.

9. Bypass and Twisted Setting Engagement Ring

The bypass and twisted setting engagement ring has a swooping style that radiates sensuality. Its design is enough to attract anyone to take a second look. The setting of the ring actually provides as much appeal as the stone in the ring itself. Jewelers add even more panache into the engagement ring by using tension mounting to hold the solitaire, thus allowing the stone to pop out.

8. Canary Yellow Shade Diamond Engagement Ring

The canary yellow shade diamond engagement ring provides even more excitement to your jewels. A few years back, pink diamonds were the in and trendy thing. These days, the cool glow of canary yellow is considered as the hottest thing around. This is as fancy as it can get, as canary yellow is currently one of the most coveted shades.

7. Cognac and Champagne Shade Diamond Engagement Ring

The cognac and champagne shade diamond engagement ring provides a stunning color. The color and tint can actually range from beige to dark chocolate. The effect is that the stone, as well as the ring itself, pops out in a sea of seemingly ordinarily colored white diamond engagement rings. To make the ring stand out even more, some jewelers also place the stone into halo settings.

6. Blue Sapphires Shade Engagement Ring

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The blue sapphires shade engagement ring recently gained prominence after the royal family of the United Kingdom used it during the engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton. Blue sapphires rank second on the hardness scale of gems, with only diamond stones considered above it. Blue sapphires are also extremely durable, plus the attractive color makes the engagement ring really pop out.

5. Mixed Metals Shade Engagement Ring

The mixed metals shade engagement ring allows a different color to reflect on the ring itself. Jewelers know that it is not just about the stone in the ring, but also the metals that hold the stone. Platinum is still considered as one of the hottest colors for the band, but some jewelers have used ingenuity to combine white and yellow gold in either a twisting or stacked design.

4. Stack Style Engagement Ring

The stack style engagement ring is an elegant and different style that is fashionable and trendy as well. The style allows the stacking up of a number of small stones on either an eternity or half eternity band. To make the ring stand out, different colors of gold can be used for an even classier look.

3. Organic and Floral Style Engagement Ring

The organic and floral style engagement ring is a tweak of the stack style engagement ring. Instead of simply stacking it up, however, branch like forms and floral carvings are utilized to provide a unique look.

2. Art Deco Style Engagement Ring

The art deco style engagement ring has become popular because of the trend towards vintage designs. It has intricate details to complement its strong lines.

1. Conflict-Free Style Diamond Engagement Ring

The conflict-free style diamond engagement ring basically ensures that the stone being used does not come from the blood diamond trade. This is backed up by the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme.


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