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QP Jeweller’s Favourite New Designer: Jessica McCormack

In With The Old This week at QP Jewellers we’ve been trawling through an array of fresh creations in an attempt to single out our favourite new jewellery designer. After much deliberation and several vats of coffee we can finally say we’ve tracked her down and it’s safe to say she’s worth the arduous search. Born in New Zealand, Jessica McCormack is one of the most exciting designers working in Britain today. Her father was an antiques dealer and auction house owner who possessed a keen talent for finding beauty where few others looked. McCormack’s career began with a lucrative internship at the Victorian jewellery department of Sotheby’s. This was her only formal experience when she then launched her own brand of finely handcrafted diamond designs. In 2007 she worked, with punk tenacity, out of a bizarre studio in Clerkenwell decorated with a collection of animal skulls and a swing hanging from the ceiling. She ascended into the spotlight, in 2011, when Rihanna bought one of her uni…

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