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Bohemian Chic: Get inspired by Katerina Leroy’s favorite Jewelry

  Munich-based jeweler  Thomas Jirgens  has been making jewelry for over 3 decades, creating some of the finest custom pieces in the industry. He forges only the finest materials into jewelry and puts great emphasis into the compatibility between the jewels and the skin tone, facial structure and eye color. Today, Thomas meets each of his clients and makes presenting jewelry a very personal experience. Sometimes the client will see the rough stone and follow the process right through to the finished piece. Thomas is always looking for some special jewels that are different and with a story to tell. “My clients appreciate a jewel with a story, they like to know where the stones came from, what inspired me, and they often take part in the process,” explains German jeweler. “My clients become like friends to me.” Thomas offers different collections, many of which are inspired by his life or particular travel memories. He also provides a bespoke jewelry service that can feature gems of the

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