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A Love Story from A Couple Who Couldn’t Afford an Engagement Ring

  Imagine you’re taking the next step in your relationship with the one you love, you want to get married, but can’t you afford an engagement ring. This happened to one young couple, and, to make matters worse, they were mocked about it.  formal dresses for women At the tender age of 20, Ariel Desiree McRae met her boyfriend online. After speaking together over the phone for hours every day, he drove for over an hour to take her on their first date. Ariel describes their love story; “we ate wings, had a burping contest, and drove around listening to music and singing”. They fell in love on their first date. Ariel and her boyfriend had never had much. “We scrape and scrape to pay bills and put food in our bellies, but after almost 2 years of dating, we decided that we couldn’t wait anymore, so we didn’t,” McRae wrote in a public  Facebook post . All they wanted was to get married. Ariel didn’t care about a wedding ring with diamonds, or any ring, for that matter. “I just wanted to mar

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