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What Really Makes Your Diamond Engagement Ring Dazzle

The diamond engagement ring showcases every bit of excitement and wonder at this momentous stage in a relationship. The dazzle mimics the anticipation and delight that a couple feels as they make their engagement declaration to family and friends. Every bride-to-be has been mesmerized, watching the light flicker and dance in their new diamond. During diamond production, the consistency of the rock can be measured by 4C variables: cut, clarity, color, and carat. The features of these precious stones are really important to learn before you purchase them. Why? Because it’s these features which make the rock dazzle, shine and look impressive. It’s not just a matter of cost, or size. For this reason, it is really valuable for couples to learn a little about diamonds before they make this lifelong purchase. And the place to start is with the 4Cs. If you have embarked on that journey, you could get diamond color scale explained along with clarity, cut and carat on Pricescope – an independe…

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What Really Makes Your Diamond Engagement Ring Dazzle