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Classic Blue Brings A Sense Of Luxury To These Unique Jewerly Pieces

Blue is the new black!” – Luxury Safes is feeling blue – and we don’t mean sad. We are feeling blue because Pantone 19-4052 Classic Bluewas selected as the “Pantone Color Of The Year 2020”. Each year, color company Pantone picks “The Color Of The Year” and this choice was inspired by trends in society, culture, travel, and luxury lifestyleLuxury jewelswith a unique design by high-end brands follow also this design trend. Take a look at these contemporary jewelry pieces inspired by Classic Blue, a color that can catch attention and is a symbol of sophistication.'

Blue Rays Necklace By Bvlgari
Made by a high-end brand as Bvlgari, the marvelous necklace is a breathtaking display of monumental shapes and extraordinary artistry. Inspired by Classic Blue and like a sun made of dazzling precious stones, rays of sapphires and diamonds revolve around the statement gem that sits regally at the center of the piece, while the same melody of majestic colors is repeated in the exquisite chain.…

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