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Stunning September Sapphires

Welcome readers, to the spectacular month of September. That fantastic watershed between Summer and Autumn where you can just as easily find yourself reaching for your bikini and sun lotion as much as be pulling out the fall knitwear. This month is particularly dear to me as it is my birthday month, and with that in mind, I am excited to share with you some fantastic September sparkles featuring my gorgeous birthstone, the Sapphire. When it comes to jewellery I tend to pick my pieces dependant on my mood, and I am particularly drawn to designers who take their use of stones to an entirely different level. Since having the time to indulge my jewellery obsession a little more I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the online shopping malls and trawling Twitter to uncover those designers previously unknown to me, and perhaps, unknown to a lot of others also. For this article I was keen to showcase a designer whose style and originality I really admired. So, without further ado, take some t…

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