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Are you ready for Perfume Jewellery?

Hello, Jewellery lovers. I hope you are having a great summer so far. It’s been exciting, hot and full of energy hanging around with my girlfriends. We have been laughing, dancing and really enjoying life with all its surprises and colour. Did anyone make it to the Radio 1 big weekend in Norwich? Let me tell you it didn’t disappoint. Taylor swift rocked the main stage along with Foo fighters and Jamie T to mention a few. My feet are still hurting from all the dancing, but the memories will last a lifetime. Ok, let’s talk jewellery, glam and fashion. Today, I would like to introduce you to FLO Accessories. Why? because they offer something you have never seen before.
Us girls are busy and on the go 24 – 7. We need to look our best even if its just popping out to the local shop to pick up some milk. I want to feel and look like Kendall Jenner or Cara Delevingne in my flip flops and pencil dress. I’m owning that catwalk, even if it’s on the glam concrete sidewalk, surrounded by terraced …

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